End of Term Camp-out

School is out for this academic year, so we all headed to our local camp site for a school and family camp out. So much outdoor time, having fun playing […]

Summer Time: 25-29 June

The end of this academic year has finally arrived and as the summer break beckons we have the opportunity to relfect and consider how our small school has grown. Our […]

Choices: 18-22 June

In our democratic school every child has a choice. Our day begins with a morning meeting where the sessions on offer for that day are explained, discussed then chosen. Each […]

New Voices: 4-6 June

Our small school continues to develop and grow. Remarkably this week we have welcomed six new children! Each new child brings a fresh perspective, eager mind and a new voice […]

Progression: 28 May – 1 June

One of the best things about our alternative school is seeing our children learn, grow and progress. We encourage children to develop their language skills in both English and Portuguese, […]

Learning Outside: 21-25 May

As the weather in Portugal has gradually improved we have welcomed the chance to extend learning opportunities outside. This week the children took part in the World Orienteering Day events […]

Heart: 14-18 May

The heart of our small school is of course the children, who make our school a happy and fun learning community and family. Our school also lies at the heart […]

Creativity: 7-11 May

We constantly aim to encourage creativity. Only a daily basis the children study many different subjects, which are all approached in a creative and interesting way. This week there have […]

Learning Goals: 29 April-5 May

At the beginning of each week our children choose their own learning goals; what they want to focus on or learn about that week. This may range from, ‘are mermaids […]

Fundraising: 16-20 April

Fundraising is fun! At least it has been this week as the children have been preparing for the first fundraising event, Spring Celebration Fundraising Party on Saturday 21 April. We have […]