• Expression Alternative International School, Rua Do Colegio, Penamacor, Portugal

Our School

Roots (ages 4-7)

The Roots group is all about play! Roots builds on ideas from Montessori, Waldorf education, the history of play based progressive early childhood schools, and studies of Reggio Emilia. We...

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Trees (ages 7-11)

This room is where the children start to expand their learning by developing their skills in order to allow them to prepare to study, critique, and think independently. Having come...

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Forests (ages 11-18)

For the older children the day also begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:30pm. They start the day with the Morning meeting and then go onto the sessions and projects...

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End of Term Camp-out

School is out for this academic year, so we all headed to our local camp site for a school and family camp out. So much outdoor time, having fun playing...

Summer Time: 25-29 June

The end of this academic year has finally arrived and as the summer break beckons we have the opportunity to relfect and consider how our small school has grown. Our...

Choices: 18-22 June

In our democratic school every child has a choice. Our day begins with a morning meeting where the sessions on offer for that day are explained, discussed then chosen. Each...




Expression AIS offers a unique and alternative small scale form of education where photo (94)there is no pressure or force to be something or go at the same pace as anyone else. Each child is nurtured individually and due to the small size of the groups can really benefit from being with other children in a group environment while not being over loaded. The School was started in October 2016 as a response to the need for an alternative approach to education in Portugal. With Home education being registered and regulated, and exams and testing being the priority of the mainstream system here, we felt that a genuine alternative was needed to allow children to be able to learn and grow free of this pressure. Attending the School gives children the chance to learn about new subjects, topics and concepts in a fun, imaginative, and hands on way. We believe giving children the space to learn about themselves as much as academic facts is important and strive to allow them to express themselves as individuals in their own right.